Maddy Rueda, Global Program Manager helping music partners at scale


8:30 AM: It’s a cool, rainy day in NYC. I’m starting off the morning with a quick journal entry to recap my weekend and set my intentions for the day before heading to work.

9:30 AM: Arrive at the office. Today I’m focusing on a deck explaining how the Partner Operations team supports Music Publishers globally. Music Publishing is a complex ecosystem, and it’s important to explain the nuances to cross functional teams and leaders so they can better understand the work being done and where additional resources may be needed.

1 PM: I met with Strategic Partner Management and Content Strategy teams to brainstorm how we educate music partners at scale. We want to improve how we make teams aware of what one another does to avoid overlap and communication overload to partners.

4 PM: Hop on a call with a colleague in LA to discuss a training we’re facilitating on Thursday. We’ll be educating the Partner Ops team on how to track trainings they conduct with labels and artists using a new internal workflow.

Today’s highlight: I caught up with a former teammate for coffee — decaf for me, since I can’t handle the caffeine 😅 We caught up on what artists we’re listening to and shows that we’re excited to see. I told him I’m looking forward to seeing an all female, Japanese metal band at the end of the week!

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