Introducing GaryVee Mystery Boxes! –

Today’s blog is a short but special announcement.. As a thank you to all of you reading this right now and everyone in my community, I’m gonna be doing some fun surprise & delight with the help of my team. 

Introducing, GaryVee mystery boxes! 

I want to have more fun and do more special things for my audience, and so here is the major hypothesis behind the mystery box. My team will find pockets of opportunity when I have a few minutes to spare, they’ll come to me with a box, and I’ll look around my office & the VaynerMedia headquarters for fun items to throw inside. Then, the team will randomly pick one person and we’ll ship all the stuff that’s in the mystery box to them! Simple.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. First, surprise and delight is something that has always been close to my heart. It was even the main theory behind my book, The Thank You Economy. Secondly, we just have so much cool stuff that comes by the office, and I just want to have fun. What better way than to share it with all of you? 

Now, let’s get into the specifics of how it works.

How to potentially win a GaryVee Mystery Box

When I have a few minutes, I’m going to post a video across one or more of my social platforms titled “Mystery Box Time”, packing a mystery box with cool stuff from around the office. 

Each time I post the video, there will be a little “challenge” associated with it at the end – (whether it’s answering a question, stitching the video, doing a little exercise, leaving a thoughtful comment, or something else). My team will go through the responses, and choose a winner to send out the mystery box to! 

The mystery box will be different each time.

If you’ve been chosen as the winner, the team will reach out to coordinate and make sure you receive your box. 

🚨IMPORTANT: Please be aware of people trying to scam you. Only reply to the verified Team GaryVee accounts (pictured below) if asked for your information. 

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