Road to 1 million subscribers with Lordthivi

For those who have yet to follow you, introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your channel.

My name is Thivi and I am a makeup artist. I started on YouTube about four or five years ago. I do a lot of beauty tutorials, creative makeup, SFX makeup and beauty reviews. I’m also Canadian!

Can you describe your road to one million YouTube followers?

My journey on YouTube was definitely a long one. I think I posted hundreds of long-form videos. The makeup and the beauty industry is quite competitive and very saturated. So I didn’t really find much luck on YouTube with that, but I kept going. I think in two or three years, I had 600 followers.

I got introduced to YouTube Shorts right around the end of 2020, and I hit my first thousand subscribers because of Shorts. I was posting three videos a day and I posted every single day. I did that for at least eight or nine months before I even took a day off. And that took me from 600 followers to over a million. Making content just for my Shorts community and helped build a really good relationship with them.

How do you come up with ideas for your Shorts?

I really just cater towards the audience. They let me know what they want. I would get hundreds of comments under videos, saying, “Do this, do this, do this.” I catered more of my strategy towards them, just making videos that helped them.

I also like getting inspo from songs. I tie a lot of my looks to the lyrics!

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