Get to know Mustafa, our latest Artist on the Rise

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Where are you from?

Mustafa: “I’m from Regent Park, Toronto, Canada. Nubian blood.” 


What inspired the last song you wrote and/or recorded? 

Mustafa: “My love for someone was being tested by a state of war we were both in. It came in the way of what we felt for each other, I lost her but found a song… when life gives you lemons!”


What are your top priorities when it comes to making a new music video?

Mustafa: “Staying heavy on documenting authentic emotion and nuance, always eliminating unnecessary VFX/surrealism, constantly asking myself how I’m stimulating the pace of the song with the visual.” 


How does it feel to be part of YouTube’s Artist on the Rise? Were you excited when you found out? 

Mustafa: “Absolutely excited. Imposter syndrome always strikes, but I’m grateful and humbled to have a platform to spread the light of my community further.” 


Do you remember the first music video you ever watched on YouTube? If so, what was it? 

Mustafa: “I remember ‘One Mic’ by Nas, the narrative and video at the time holds real nostalgic weight in my life.”

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