One year of YouTube Shorts — what we’ve learned so far

Music is coming to life on Shorts all over the world. Artists are creating one-of-a-kind music moments to connect with their fans and vice versa, fans are sharing glimpses into their own lives soundtracked by their favorite songs – all on Shorts.

Most recently, we partnered with global pop icons BTS for this summer’s “Permission to Dance Challenge.” BTS encouraged people around the world to recreate the “International Sign” dance moves for “Joy,” “Dance,” and “Peace” from their “Permission to Dance” music video, all with their own style. You can read more about the impact of the challenge here! 💜

We have millions of songs in our music library and are so happy to see that artists and fans everywhere are using them to create new trends and stay connected with one another. We are breaking new ground with the music industry and will be partnering with even more artists to create special music moments only on Shorts – stay tuned for more to come this year!

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