Creator Voices: Jeff Cavaliere

Find YouTube/life balance

As any YouTube Creator can attest, creating great video content several times per week (generating ideas, writing, filming and editing) takes a LOT of time. But off camera, there’s a lot of “content development” you don’t see!

I’m a coach first and foremost. All the knowledge I share on my YouTube channels is applied every single day in a one-on-one setting with my professional athletes and clients. I also dedicate time every day to my own training, which is where the techniques and workouts I share with you are created, tested and refined. As you can imagine, between working with clients, my own training sessions and the training you see me doing on YouTube, I train a LOT. So, when you hear me say recovery is crucial to building muscle, it’s coming from firsthand experience!

That being said, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in these 12 years is that outside of YouTube and work, you have to make time for what nourishes you. In that way, it’s just like training your muscles. If you don’t make time for recovery, you just can’t grow. You need to dedicate some time to yourself in order to be the best you can be for your audience and everyone else you care about.

For me this “self-care” means spending time playing with my 5-year-old twin boys (even though I usually need extra recovery time after that!), getting some cherished one-on-one time with my wife, and taking my four black labs out for a walk or to toss the tennis ball out in the backyard.

Whether your passion is building muscle or anything else, the goal should always be constant improvement over time. If you focus on that and taking care of yourself in the process, you’ll reach your goals and be able to make fresh new ones!

If you’re looking to be the strongest, best version of yourself…I’d love the opportunity to help get you there. Helping others reach their goals is what motivates me to keep raising the bar on my own goals.

Can’t wait to see you in the comments of my next video!

Jeff Cavaliere

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