BTS and YouTube’s ‘Permission to Dance’ challenge kicks off today only on YouTube Shorts

On Monday, July 19, BTS and YouTube announced the Permission to Dance Challenge, happening only on YouTube Shorts. 

21st-century pop icon, BTS, is inviting the world to dance along with them to their YouTube Global Top Songs and Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit, “Permission to Dance” on Shorts, YouTube’s recently expanded short-form video experience for anyone who wants to create short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones. 

The challenge encourages anyone who loves to dance to make a 15-second Shorts video right from the YouTube mobile app, sharing the dance moves from the “Permission to Dance ” music video. The video shows the septet doing three “International Sign” gestures meaning “Joy,” “Dance,” and “Peace,” which BTS are encouraging participants to recreate with their own style for the challenge. 

The dance moves can be learned by watching the “Permission to Dance” music video and BTS show off the dance moves as Shorts. 

The Permission to Dance Challenge is an effort to bring people around the world together to dance along with BTS and inspire them to share their unique Shorts creations with one another. 

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