GaryVee’s Top 5 DailyVees of 2022 (to kickstart 2023!)

With the help of my team, we’ve compiled some of my top pieces of content for 2022.

As many of you know, I don’t define “top” content according to vanity metrics. This isn’t necessarily about which posts received the most likes or comments. Instead, these are the core messages we hope – and think – brought you guys the most value last year. 

That being said, keep reading to see my top five DailyVees of 2022 – watch these to kickstart your 2023 the right way!!

“Is the Internet Hurting the Youth?” | DailyVee 608


In this episode from July, I headed to Bucharest, Romania to speak at BrandMinds. During a fan Q&A session, I had one conversation with a mom that really stuck out. We talked about how parents can build their children’s self-esteem instead of blaming social media, and what’s really important. Check out that moment here, and watch the full episode below:

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